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Dec 4th 2011

my face and a bunch of things in a style that’s totally for sale hurrdurr.

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Nov 13th 2011

Reblogged from: the future always flinches first


Inking and cellshading practice~ I really need to work in SAI more!

Ah, I have an art blog now so I won’t be reblogging what’s there to avoid redundancy u_u But I won’t neglect this place! I’m glad we’re still chugging along.

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Nov 12th 2011

Lawls, rant cut; reblogged on my main. <3

I think cool people should infiltrate Niko’s pchats.  Then, only cool people would live there.  How awesome would that be? ;D (plzplzplzplz?)

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Nov 8th 2011

oh, look, vibrance. i let myself doodle because i finished an adobe illustrator lesson ‘u’ and then colors happened and then there was a bench and a giant field. brb making an entirely brown picture now.

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Nov 3rd 2011

I did some watercolor yesterday… same generic, sorry sorry!! Was busy killing time because my computer was taking a while to load things… but it’s been a while, so I thought I’d share <3


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Nov 2nd 2011

Pirate Iggy!

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Nov 1st 2011

i have the most consistent style ever, obviously.

ameko, kachie, and mara 8D 

lol dat same face on ameko and mara. oh well. they’re just scribbles~

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Oct 18th 2011

there was a showing of A Very Potter Musical on our hall last night. i watched it. i don’t really care for HP, but i like laughing and musicals. i drew the whole time and lolled verily.

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Oct 7th 2011

I was originally trying to create something colored, but it just turned into a giant sheet of half-finished drawings and sketches.

I was trying to do something that was present-day familiar yet still kind of futuristic.  She’s a rich girl who has more than a few reasons as to why she can afford interesting clothes.

She’ll also be my excuse to draw more outfits <3!

Also crazy hair.  I bet they have hair augmentations in the future.  I sure could use one….

(A character concept for something special… ;D)

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